420 is celebrated every year on April 20. It is a day that sees people across the world lighting up a spliff and coming together to celebrate cannabis. Events are usually held, with participants also aiming to bring awareness to the cause of legalisation of marijuana. It’s part-celebration and part-protest against what some see as excessive laws against the drug. 

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The best recipes to serve and hog on 420 day are:

1. Weed iced coffee:

caffeine and cannabis make an energizing combination. 

Caffeine and cannabis are both responsible for the happy-hormone Dopamine. A study published during 2017 in the journal Annals of Neuroscience, suggests combining the two could create an increased sense of euphoria for some consumers. One fact we do know for sure, cannabis affects everyone differently. Each person’s endocannabinoid system is about as unique as the impression left by their fingerprints.

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Coffee favoured with Stoner Chocolate Sauce and Cannabis-infused Coconut oil makes a chilled beverage is sure to get you up and keep you going! 

2. Tater Tot-chos:

They’re like the savory version of s’more’s nachos, and they’re just as easy to put together. Frozen tots provide the blank canvas on which you can paint your own nacho perfection. One can top them with tomato, avocado, sour cream, green peppers, and—of course—tons of cheese. But you can really make these your own with toppings like onion, black beans, or even pulled pork. However you top ’em, these golden beauties are guaranteed to make you drop it like it’s tot.

3. Cannabis popcorn: 

Weed popcorn can be served in 15 minutes. 

Cannabis popcorn is the perfect way to add a little bit of zest to your movie night. It’s one of the quickest cannabis foods to make. Simply cook the popcorn kernels in peanut oil, sprinkle a bit of salt, and add some cannabutter to the mix. Cover the pot lid and wait for the kernels to pop. When the pops are about two seconds apart, it’s ready to remove off the stove and serve. Fifteen minutes and you are prepared for a three-hour movie session. 

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4. Weed infused marshmallows:

If you’re camping or outdoors on 420 day, have marshmallows around.

Weed infused Marshmallows are one of those things you have to try at least once in your life. No end-of-the-day campfire is quite complete without hoisting these little bits of sugary magic onto the perfect stick and roasting them over the flames until they’re golden brown. Getting high from it while doing so makes this an even better camping experience. You can do much more with weed-infused marshmallows than camping. The cannabis base in this recipe is cannabis sugar. If you’re starting from the very beginning, consult your local dispensary to find the best THC bud for weed edibles.

5. Cinnamon rolls: 

Cinnamon rolls make a great treat for any occassion.

Not just 420 day, any occasion calls for some fluff and fun brought by Cinammon rolls. The oozing flavour of cinnamon and tender dough with a lot of frosting on the top, calls for a great party. Cinnamon rolls have been around for a long time and have never disappointed, so bless your 420 day with a lot of them.