While most people would keep their distance from wild bears to prevent getting ripped to bits, this man felt it would be great to high five one. Netizens were astounded by the bear’s calm demeanour when engaging with the human.

A few automobiles were travelling by a road in Romania when they came across a few wild bears, who were caught on camera. One of the bears approached another car, according to a driver who was filming them. The bear stood up and gave a high five to a man who was holding his hand out the window of his automobile. The bear then proceeded to sit on the road with his companions. The caption stated, “The bear was so bewildered after the high 5, he had to sit and think about life!”

“How did this guy obtain a high five from a wild bear!?” read the caption on the video.

The video has over 17.2 million views and 1.5 million likes after being shared on Instagram reels by the page ‘pubity.’ Although many people thought the video amusing, many stated that they would never attempt to approach a wild bear.

“They want food that’s why,” one netizen remarked, “and they know the humans would give food out, little sad really seeing an apex predator do tricks for food,” while another added, “Of course!”

“Baby bear would have to discuss that with mommy bear later,” added a third, while “Goldie Locks took their house and now they’re just going down the street,” wrote a fourth.

Previously, a cute video of a bear teaching her cub how to ride a slide on a school playground went viral on social media.

The animals were having a good time on the playground of Isaac Dickson Elementary School in Asheville, North Carolina.

The teachers were astounded to find a mother and her cub riding the rides instead of students.