A bizarre video showing a dolphin springing out of the water and biting the hand of a six-year-old child, shared by a user in Ukraine, has gone viral.

The user, @odessa_hello, said in an Instagram photo that has now gone viral that the dolphin had leapt out of the water and bitten the child, leaving bite marks on his hand.

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According to the post, the terrifying episode occurred at the Nemo Dolphinarium in Ukraine’s Black Sea resort.

The child, dressed in a white shirt, was seen hanging his hand above the water in the video. A dolphin rushed out of the water seconds later, catching the child off guard and biting his hand.

After the six-year-old screamed in horror, the mammal let go of his hand and retreated back into the water.

The child’s small hand was covered with three large scratches, according to a photo shared on Instagram by the user. The user also warned viewers from engaging with dolphins in the video’s caption.

The dolphin’s trainer told LadBible that the dolphin did not intend to attack the child, but thought he had food in his hands.

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The Dolphinarium’s chief trainer, Olena Komogorova, was quoted in the report as stating, “A hand, stretched above the water, means that somebody offers a treat,” the report quoted Olena Komogorova, the Dolphinarium’s head trainer, as saying.

The child was transported to the hospital after being bitten, and his hand required multiple stitches, according to Mirror.

The dolphin was neither hungry nor violent, according to the aquarium’s employees.

According to the Daily Mail, the boy’s mother stated that her child attempted to stroke the dolphin while holding his hand above the water. The woman allegedly blamed herself for the incident and stated that she would not sue the aquarium in a statement to local media.

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The dolphinarium’s management, on the other hand, is reported to be planning to beef up its security and safety regulations.