Mike Tyson, the former American Professional boxer, has long been associated with controversies both inside and outside the ring. He had been a boxing champion for decades.  Besides all the controversies associated with him, the 55-year-old also had punched a fellow airline passenger for persistently leaning over and trying to speak to him. This incident took place in the month of April this year.  Other than this recent controversy, he has also been associated with various other scandals. 

Here’s a look at Mike Tyson’s worst Scandals. 

Rape Sentence 

In 1992, he was convicted of raping an 18-year-old Desiree Washington. The rape case took place at an Indianapolis hotel and he had received six years of imprisonment. But before his completion of six years in jail, he was released after three years of staying behind the bars.

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His marital issues with Robin Givens

Robin Givens was the first wife of Mike Tyson. She gave an interview in the year 1989 where she shared about the domestic assault that her husband does. She claimed that her three months of marriage were a torture. Later Robin Givens and Mike Tyson were divorced.

Tyson bit Holyfield’s ear

After his comeback from the prison, a boxing rematch was held between him and Evander Holyfield. Mike Tyson had bit his ears and thereafter he was suspended, fined, and subsequently disqualified from the fight.

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Death threat to Lennox Lewis 

In a 2002 fight with Lennox Lewis, Mike Tyson gave a death threat. He said that his goal was to, “fight professionally but to kill him.”  

Drug Addiction 

In a book titled “Undisputed Truth,” Tyson has acknowledged that he has been battling with substance abuse. He was addicted to drugs during the early years of his career. He has cheated his way through drug tests and sometimes also played when he was fully under the influence of cocaine.