A viral video on social media showed that it is raining worms in the Liaoning province of China. Citizens have been asked to carry umbrellas and try staying indoors.

In the video, worms can be seen splattered all over cars parked on the road. People were seen walking around using an umbrella after the incident.

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Why is it raining worms?

There are many possible explanations. One theory, by the scientific journal Mother Nature Network, suggests that the animals were dropped after being swept up by heavy winds. The periodical also says that the phenomenon occurs after a storm when insects are caught in a whirlpool.

Another theory says that the worms are poplar flowers, which resemble slimy animals.

However, there is no official explanation.

Several people wrote about the incident online, with one person saying: “we’re living in the end times.” Another added: “new fear unlocked.” “All I want is to get all my house remodeled before the end of the world happens,” one joked.

“That is freaking me out,” said one more. “Plague comes to mind,” said another.

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“It’s the end of the world,” one user said, while another joked: “Next thing you know it will be raining cats and dogs like the saying goes.”

“If i was just minding my business on a casual day in China and it started raining worms ?? i’d just die,” another social media user reacted to the video.