It is natural for parents to have huge expectations from their children and they make all the efforts to provide them with resources that can make them true achievers. However, sometimes this zeal can lead to the creation of a pressure that causes teenagers to overextend themselves. This can be unhealthy and taxing for young minds. While it is our duty to push our children to take up new endeavours, we are equally responsible for their mental health.

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Here are a few tips that can help parents assist their overachieving kids to relax and enjoy the journey towards success.

Teach them time management

The best way to help an individual find time to relax is to make them learn how to best manage their time. Tell them to allocate enough time to all the activities and not spread themselves too thin outside that hour. 

Once they learn to manage their activities, they will easily find time to relax without compromising on the work.

No competitive talks

While healthy competition among kids is okay, you should never compare your child with others and ask them to take up an activity just to ensure balance. Ask them to explore the activity and develop an interest in it first. 

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If you want to talk about someone's achievement, make it a learning-based discussion rather than a competitive one. You can schedule a time to talk about or evaluate their aims and aspirations, but this should not be done on a daily basis.

Spend quality time with them

It is important to give your kids some space to explore and focus on their aims. But it is equally important to sit with them and have a quality conversation every now and then to avoid overthinking and stress in the kid.

Necessitate them to unplug and spend time with the family without being distracted by technology or social media. This will teach your adolescent that life is about more than simply academics.

Ask them to understand their limit

Every kid has certain boundaries when it comes to academics and other activities. And if they don't things are going wrong. Ask your kid to understand how much they can extend themselves for a task and never force them to cross that.

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This will help your kid not just to relax, but learn where to say no in future when things get overwhelming.