The prices of diesel and petrol increased for the ninth consecutive day on Wednesday. The rate of petrol and diesel has reached an all-time high in Delhi and Mumbai as the current price of petrol in Delhi is Rs 89.54 per litre and diesel is Rs 79.95 per litre. At the same time, the price of petrol in Mumbai has reached Rs 96.00 per litre. While the price of diesel has reached Rs 86.98 per litre.

All the states have different diesel and petrol prices due to several other taxes. Petrol has crossed Rs 100 per litre in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan.

The prices of auto fuel are revised on a day-to-day basis in line with benchmark international and foreign exchange rates. 

 To check the price of petrol and diesel online you can download the IndianOil ONE mobile app. Apart from this, you can also find prices through SMS.

In order to know the price by sending an SMS, you need to prefix ‘‘RSP then space and Dealer Code of Petrol Pump’’, and send it to the number 9224992249.

For example, the people of Delhi will have to send the code 'RSP 102072' to number 9224992249. Each city code is different, you will get it from the IOCL website.