This September, Pokemon GO has a complete calendar of activities for gamers to enjoy. While the game does not yet contain all of the Pokemon in the vast series, additional evolutions and kinds are being introduced on a regular basis. Steel/Psychic is one of the rarest type pairings, with just three Pokemon in the game having it (not including their evolutions).

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Beldum, the Iron Ball Pokemon, is the most popular of all three. Beldum, a Pokemon from the Hoenn region, communicates by magnetic blasts and has two evolutions. It was added to Pokemon GO in February 2018, and there are numerous ways for players to capture it.

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The most straightforward approach to catch a Beldum in Pokemon GO is to come across one in the wild. As an extra benefit, when captured, Wild Beldum possesses the highest potential CP. There have been several events that have boosted Beldum's spawn rate, the most recent of which concluded on August 3rd. Despite this, there is a significant possibility that players will come upon a Beldum while exploring.

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The second most popular method of obtaining a Beldum is through hatching a Pokemon GO Egg. Any type of Egg has a possibility of containing a Beldum, but players should keep an eye out for any unusual occurrences that may change their odds. There is currently no event that will boost the chances of discovering a Beldum in an Egg.

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There are three more methods to find a Beldum besides wild encounters and eggs. When it comes to the Raid Battles, Iron Ball is usually Tier 1 boss, however, its evolved form Metagross was recently included as Tier 3 boss in Psychic Spectacular boss. In order to obtain a Beldum from a Raid Battle, participants must first defeat and then capture the Beldum.