Pope Francis on October 25 had announced the creation of 13 new cardinals on November 28. Nine cardinals will be below the age of 80 years and four will be above the age of 80 years. The nine new cardinals will be eligible to elect his successor. The latter four cardinals cannot elect, but they are elected for their long and faithful service to the Roman Catholic Church.

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This is going to be the first time when one of the cardinals is going to be an African-American. Wilton Gregory, Washington archbishop was selected by Pope Francis as the first African-American as a cardinal below the age of 80. Wilton was tapped by Pope Francis to head the diocese in the US capital in 2019. He has also worked as the head of the US Conference of Bishops three times.

Several other cardinals are, Jose Fuerte Advincula- the archbishop of Capiz, Philippines; Antoine Kambanda- the archbishop of Kigali, Rwanda and Celestino Aos Braco- the archbishop of Santiago, Chile.

The cardinals above the age of 80 are: Felipe Arizmendi Esquivel, Silvano Tomasi, Raniero Cantalamessa ans Enrico Feroci are among them.

These cardinals clad red colour which shows their desire to sacrifice themselves on the cost of their own blood, that is 'usque ad sanguinis effusionem' in the service of the Successor of Peter.