With farmer’s protests going on for over a month now, several artists have come forward with songs to highlight the issue and Ramneek and Simrita are one of them. 

Their song, “Dilliye ni sun Dilliye” is a request to the authorities sitting in Delhi to listen to the pleas of the farmers and give them their due rights. 

They say that the farmers will not move unless their requests are heard even if it costs them their comfort. They are ready to spend sleepless winter nights on the road as long as they are assured that the go will pay attention to their protests and take necessary action. 

They move on to say that without their fathers and brothers around, the towns look empty and void of affection but the government is in a state of sleep having shut their eyes to the miseries of the farmers.
Ramneek and Simrita question everything that is going on with the farmers who are the ‘anna-datas’ of the nation. They say that they are waiting for their family members to return. 
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“Tu paanve saadi jaan mangle, assi khalli hath naiyo jaana.(Take our lives if you may but we aren’t returning home), is the highlight of the song. 

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