After a two-day search, a snake that managed to escape its enclosure at the Blue Zoo Aquarium in the Mall of Louisiana was finally found in a ceiling space at the mall. According to UPI, Cara, a 12-foot python, mysteriously disappeared from her enclosure Monday evening. Because of Cara's escape, the zoo had to close for two days while employees looked for her.

The Blue Zoo is a new interactive aquarium in the Mall of Louisiana in the United States. The zoo dispatched an expert, and staff searched all night Tuesday for the python, but to no avail. The zoo was closed again on Wednesday while staff resumed their search.

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Cara was captured in the early hours of Thursday morning. According to Ronda Swanson, chief marketing officer for the Blue Zoo Aquarium, the snake was discovered "in the wall, ceiling area." Cara seemed to have found her way into a little crawl area in the mall.

On social media, the zoo announced the happy news, along with a video of Cara being retrieved from the wall. The python was discovered to be safe and healthy, according to the zoo's Facebook post.

Victoria, the guardian of Cara, an albino Burmese python, characterised her as a sweet and curious creature. Victoria informed WBRZ that she learned of the python's discovery at about 3.45 AM.

"I don't think I'd ever driven that fast to get back to Blue Zoo," Victoria told WBRZ. "I'd actually just left whenever they'd found her. It was a quick turnaround, and I was back at that zoo before anyone even realized it."

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"She was in our ceiling," she added. "We knew exactly where she was for the most part."

"The Burmese python is an easy-going snake. These guys are one of the largest snakes and they have the kindest hearts. This girl came from a family that had little kids, she was their puppy dog," Victoria told WBRZ.