Aaron Rodgers is ‘cautiously optimistic’ about his move to New York Jets, ESPN journalist Trey Wingo said on Monday. Rodgers has been with the Green Bay Packers since the 2005 NFL Draft and is easily their MVP quarterback, but now Wingo says that the 39-year-old’s move to the New York team is ‘almost done’ and all parties are waiting for the right moment to announce it.

MARCA reports that the decision was not easy for the Packers QB, as he spent four days in a retreat away from regular activities to contemplate the decision. 

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The quarterback has played 18 seasons with the club and has fostered a close connection with the fans who are now all set for a heartbreak. A lot of interest will be there in how he addresses the Packers fans while announcing the big decision. 

Rodgers has been divided between several choices; whether to stay at the packers, retire, or join a different team. The Jets representatives then flew to his California home to try and convince him to join them next season onwards, and he ultimately caved in.

The expectation at the Jets is that with Rodgers on board, they can now potentially challenge Super Bowl teams in the league. MARCA says that he is expected to replace Zach Wilson, the third-choice quarterback who had terrible two consecutive seasons in 2020 and 2021, resulting in falling down to third in the Jets’ pecking order.

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The last trade between the two teams took place in 2018 when the Jets traded defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson to the Packers in exchange for a 2018 fifth-round draft pick. However, Wilkerson played only one season for the Packers before being released due to injuries.

Since then, there have been no notable trades between the Jets and Packers. As a result, Rodger’s move will be historic for both clubs.