The Football Association (FA) has handed an one-match ban to Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel for his clash with Antonio Conte at the Stamford Bridge last week. The Tottenham Hotspur boss, however, is only fined. 

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The managers, who had already had a heated clash in the technical area during Sunday’s game, went head-to-head after the final whistle when the traditional handshake went awry, setting off pushing and shoving. Both Tuchel and Conte were shown red cards.

Tuchel has also been fined £35,000 ($41,000) and Conte £15,000 ($18,000) for breaching FA Rule E3. They made ‘comments which are improper, which bring the game into disrepute, which are threatening, abusive, indecent or insulting’.

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The one-match ban means Tuchel can be in the duogout for the Chelsea vs Leeds game but will miss next week’s match against Leicester. Both the managers have admitted their misconduct. They can appeal the FA’s decision. 

One reason Conte has not received the ban could be because the Italian did not initiate the scuffle. 

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As Tuchel and Conte shook hands on the field after the final whistle, Tuchel seemed to not let go of his grip and intimated that Conte look him in the eyes. They squared up and shouted in each others’ faces, before players and coaches from both teams piled in and pushing and shoving ensued.

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Tuchel said after the match, “I thought when we shake hands you looked in each other eyes. He had a different opinion. It was not necessary but a lot of things were not necessary. We both got a red card. I think it was not necessary. Another poor referee decision. No problem. It’s emotional, it’s football, it’s the game, it’s the Premier League. You love it, we are emotional on the touchline.”

“If we meet, we meet. It’s between a football match, it’s men (and) two competitors.”