Brazilian fighter Norma Dumont defeated American MMA fighter Chelsea Chandler by unanimous decision to win the match at UFC On ESPN 49.

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However, things turned funny when Dumont landed a powerful strike that rocked Chandler, causing her to turn and retreat across the cage with her back turned. Taking advantage of the opportunity, Dumont pursued Chandler, delivering a series of left and right punches while also targeting the body. The incident spread on social media like wildfire and eventually turned into a meme.

The overall incident gained huge attention on social media, as several UFC fans shared their funny reactions to it. One user wrote, “Chelsea Chandler SPRINTED away from Dumont after getting rocked, I’ve never seen anything like this before 💀💀💀”

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“Chelsea Chandler when she gets punched in the middle of the round 😂😂😂 #UFC” another user tweeted.

One user tweeted, “Chelsea Chandler after that combination from Dumont  #UFCVegas77”

However, after the incident, Chandler regained her composure and returned to the fight.

The two combatants then clinched when Dumont attempted a head kick, and Chandler responded with another left shot. Chandler attempted to sweep Dumont’s legs while pressing him up against the fence, but Dumont was able to change the situation. Chandler rapidly did the opposite, though. They eventually found themselves on the ground, with Dumont on top and serving as the guard.

As the second round began, the boxers again clinched early on. This time, they engaged in quick combat, trading heavy bullets. After a 1-2 combination, Dumont made a straight connection, forcing Chandler to withdraw.

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Dumont made the first move by trying a takedown at the start of the third round. She did it well, but it might not have been sustained for long enough to count as a takedown. Though eventually, the round went to Dumont after her perfect execution of defense against Chandler’s kneebar.