A major fight broke out over a parking space between a group of pontoon boats and a staff member of a dinner cruise. Jim Kitrell, an Alabama captain, has recently spoken out about the events leading up to the now-famous altercation between white boaters and black crew from a riverboat.

Who is Jim Kittrell?

Jim Kittrell is the captain of the Harriot II. He is originally from Alabama. Kittrell stated that he and his crew had previous disagreements with the pleasure craft boaters, much before the violence erupted on Saturday at Montgomery’s Riverfront Park.

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Jim claimed that he had been attempting to dock the ship but had been unable since the pontoon boat had already taken the space. He made this statement on Alabama’s 93.1 radio station. ‘One point I do want to make, this was not a black and white thing,’ he said.

A viral video shows approximately 20 individuals fighting on a dock at Riverfront Park after a dinner cruise worker addressed the pontoon boat gang. A physical altercation breaks out as a shirtless man goes for the staffer of the dinner cruise, who then attacks the people in the pontoon group and throws his hat. As dinner cruise guests see from the ocean, several people struggle on the dock.

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Watch the video here:

A Montgomery police representative told Newsweek on Monday that after responding to the altercation, officers detained numerous persons and that “any charges are pending.”

According to Kittrell, the crew had previously come across the boaters when they had allegedly stolen one of their golf carts.

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‘This is the same group that comes every year. They’re from Selma and we’ve had trouble with them in the past, but just like jokey things. Like, a couple of years ago, this same group was here. We came back from a cruise and our golf cart was missing. We finally found it in the Hampton Inn lobby,’ Kittrell said.

According to Kittrell, he examined the inn’s CCTV and “found out who did it and we had them come down.” ‘We were going to press charges then, but the police talked us out of it,’ Kittrell said.