The Cincinnati Bengals scored an impressive 98-yard touchdown in their wildcard match vs the Baltimore Ravens. Watch it right here:

The fourth quarter saw a 17-17 deadlock in the scores. The Baltimore Ravens had advanced down the field to put themselves in position to score. They set up a quarterback sneak just short of the goal line to score a touchdown and extend their lead to 24-17. The first-and-goal situation was created by quarterback Tyler Huntley’s strong run, and he attempted to extend for the touchdown.

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However, Cincinnati’s Logan Wilson forced a mistake before he managed to break the plane. In an effort to push their quarterback over the goal line, the Ravens gathered all of their players into a huddle. As a result, the backfield was completely empty when the ball came loose.

Sam Hubbard took the ball and ran unopposed all the way into the opponent’s endzone. After the conversion, the Bengals turned the game around by taking a 24-17 lead.

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Fans on Twitter had their own opinions about the performance. One said, “I know the broadcast was all over them huddling in the last 2 minutes twice and letting time run off…I really think if they scored a TD John was going for 2. Bengals had all their timeouts remaining till those last 2 defensive plays, John trying to leave them little to no time”.

Another fan commented, “2 weeks in a row, barely beat ravens with a back up QB and having a defensive TD… can’t help but feel good after a win, but these performances aint nothing to write home about”.