After the first quarter, the Jacksonville Jaguars were 11-0 against the Buffalo Bills in Sunday’s game at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, leading fans to wonder whether the Bills were suffering from serious jet lag.

“The Bills look horrible. Must be jet lag. They flew over Friday. Seems a little late to get used to such a large time difference,” one user wrote on X. formerly known as Twitter. Another commented: “Still early, but think the Bills made a mistake waiting until later in the week to get over there. Don’t know why more teams don’t leave early in the week to get the jet lag out of that way.”

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A third wrote: “2022: Bills crowned Super Bowl faves, next week comes the Heat Stroke Game 2023: Bills crowned Super Bowl faves, next week comes the London Jet Lag Punishment Game The universe is telling me things and I don’t listen.” A fourth remarked: “Pretty obvious the Bills didn’t have the right plan to deal with jet lag. They should have gone earlier in the week. They are flat on both sides of the ball. Not looking like the Bills we know and love.”

Even the commentators said that the Bills looked like they still needed to wake up due to their poor performance on the field so far. The fact that the Jags have been in the UK since their game last week also seems to be giving them an advantage. Jacksonville beat Atlanta last week to improve to 4-5 at Wembley.

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“The Buffalo Bills look like they are asleep, it might be the advantage of the Jaguars having been in London for more than a week,” two-time Super Bowl winner Osi Umenyiora said on ITV.

The first quarter has been brilliant for the Jaguars who really were able to move the ball when they needed to. The Bills were not really able to stop the big plays. The penalties also cost them.