The anticipation surrounding Blackpink’s Born Pink Encore Tour concert, scheduled to take place at the iconic Dodgers Stadium on August 26, has been met with a cloud of uncertainty as extreme weather conditions have led to flooding in the stadium’s parking area.

Fans are anxiously speculating whether the concert will be rescheduled due to the adverse weather.

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As news of the stadium flooding circulated, fans of the K-pop sensation expressed their concerns and disappointment on social media. Some conveyed their heartfelt distress, like one user who exclaimed, “The hurricane has flooded the Dodgers Stadium! I need to see Blackpink this Saturday!”

Another worried fan questioned whether the flooding would impact the concert’s timing, stating, “When is Blackpink supposed to have their encore at Dodgers Stadium? Because I think it’s flooded right now.”

However, amidst the concern, there are those who believe the timing might work out in favor of the event. A Twitter user pointed out, “Dodgers are away until next week and there is a BlackPink concert there this weekend, so there will be a cover and seats all over the outfield. The infield dirt will have plenty of time to dry.” This perspective holds that the stadium’s configuration for the concert could potentially minimize the impact of the flooding.

The flooding incident coincides with a Flash Flood Warning issued by the National Weather Service for Los Angeles and its surrounding areas, including Downtown Los Angeles, Long Beach, Glendale, and parts of Ventura County. This warning is in effect until 7:45 p.m. PDT, underscoring the severity of the ongoing weather challenges.

California Governor Gavin Newsom’s declaration of a state of emergency due to the impending landfall of Hurricane Hilary further emphasizes the gravity of the weather situation in Southern California.

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The flooding incident has not only prompted fans to question the fate of the upcoming concert but has also drawn attention to the vulnerability of even the most renowned sports venues in the face of extreme weather events. The image of Dodgers Stadium’s submerged parking area serves as a stark visual reminder of the potential impacts of climate fluctuations.