The Portland Trail Blazers selected guard Scoot Henderson from the NBA G League with the third overall pick in the NBA draft on Thursday night.

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Amusingly, a mix-up occurred among fans when they mistakenly identified Scoot Henderson’s father, Chris Henderson, as comedian Mike Epps during a heartfelt embrace after his selection. This humorous incident led to confusion among several NBA fans, who shared the video of the moment. 

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Several NBA fans reacted to the incident and shared the clip. One user tweeted, “Scoot’s dad looks like a mix between Shaggy and Mike Epps lol #NBADraft”

“My wife said Scoots dad look like Mike Epps and Busta had a baby”, another user tweeted.

Another user said, “Dad looked like mike Epps lol, a little too much for me. And mom acting like getting drafted to the nba is making the final cut in high school. I’m scared for him”

As the Portland Trail Blazers pick Henderson, it makes things complicated for the team. The team already has an all-star guard Damian Lillard.

Scoot Henderson, known for his unrelenting playing style, demonstrated during his workout with the Blazers his potential to be an important member of the club. Given Portland’s possibilities, Henderson might be included in a trade package if the team wants to add a seasoned pro to Damian Lillard’s supporting cast. Alternatively, Henderson could take over as a potential Lillard replacement if the Blazers decide to rebuild. He might also partner up with Lillard to form a strong backcourt pair, which would improve the team’s on-court dynamics.

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Henderson demonstrated his scoring prowess while playing for Ignite last season, averaging an amazing 17.6 points per game. He also had the most assists per game (6.5), which demonstrated his ability to create plays. Henderson’s contributions went beyond the Blazers’ offensive weaknesses, as he also added a much-needed defensive presence to the court. Henderson made headlines by finishing high school early and joining the G League at the youngest age ever.