Ford has started showcasing the first US infrastructure-based solution for highly automated valet parking, where the vehicle will automatically park itself inside a parking garage, reported The Washington Times.

The demonstration project is a collaborative effort of real estate developers firm Bedrock and tech firm Bosch.

Ford is making use of its connected Escape test vehicles that can drive and park themselves inside Bedrock’s Assembly garage located in Detroit. 

According to The Washington Times, the infrastructure sensors located within the car are capable of recognizing and localising the vehicle to guide its parking procedure. It can also guide a vehicle to avoid pedestrians and other hazards. If an impediment comes on the radar of the vehicle then it will automatically stop.

A driver can use a smartphone application once they have pulled up in front of a garage to send the vehicle into an automatic parking maneuver mode.

The app can also be used to request the vehicle to return to a designated location thereby saving the driver of the task of laboriously locating their vehicle.

Ken Washington, the chief technology officer at Ford, said, “The automated valet parking project aligns with Ford’s vision for the future that includes increasingly automated vehicles that are more aware of their surroundings.”

Ford has also gone on the record stating how the technology will enable efficient utilization of parking spaces. Ford states that using the technology will enable a given space to accommodate up to 20% more vehicles than before.

A demonstration project will be organised where Ford, Bedrock, and Bosch will demonstrate the usage of the technology in real-time, indicating how a vehicle would move between service areas and parking spots.