Pele, the three-time FIFA World Cup-winning Brazilian football legend, died aged 82 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on Thursday. 

The former Santos and Brazil footballer is credited with changing modern football forever with his innovative style. Many of the moves that we associate with top players today have come down to them from the legendary man. 

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One such creation is the bicycle kick – now considered the greatest spectacle in a football match. 

Although the kick was invented by Leonidas da Silva, also a former footballer from  Brazil, Pele is credited with making it popular. 

He scored a bicycle kick goal back in 1968 against Belgium, and after that, other players started emulating him with the stunt.

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Watch the famous goal here: 

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Since then, numerous big footballing stars have attempted it and scored memorable goals. There have been several epic bicycle kick failures as well, but in all of them, the great man’s magic has lived.

In Pele: The Autobiography, the footballer spoke about the kick’s legacy and how difficult it is to score with a bicycle kick.

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In an illustrious career spanning decades, the Brazilian has scored a total of 1283 goals for club and country, out of them, just a few were with bicycle kicks. 

“I have just three-four of my 1,283 goals with a bicycle kick. It’s difficult, and my greatest regret is that I have never scored a bicycle kick goal in a World Cup,” he said in his autobiography.