Bobby Hull, a 12-time All-Star and two-time Hart Trophy winner who was also inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame, died on January 30, according to the Chicago Blackhawks. He was 84.

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Hull was well-known not only for the records he set but also for his troubled marriage with Deborah Hull. Bobby’s marriage has been a hot topic in the media since his second wife, Deborah filed battery and assault charges against him.

The former Black Hawks player was charged with battery and assault in Willowbrook after allegedly hitting his wife and attempting to flee from police officers who were attempting to arrest him in 1986.

According to Willowbrook police chief Steven List, Hull was arrested after midnight. He was released on bond after spending the rest of the night in jail and appeared in Du Page County Circuit Court in Wheaton on Jan. 14.

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Hull, who played for the Hawks for the first time in 1957, dominated the Chicago professional hockey scene in the 1960s and the early 1970s until leaving the Hawks and the National Hockey League in 1972 to play for the Winnipeg Jets of the World Hockey Association. In 1980, Hull, who also played for the Hartford Whalers, announced his retirement from hockey.

List claimed that two patrolmen assigned in different cars to look into a report of a disturbance in a condominium complex came into Hull and his 34-year-old wife Deborah shouting at one another. Hull allegedly hit Deborah, according to the cut on her cheek.

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Hull escaped the policemen’s clutches as they attempted to arrest him, raced to his condo room on the second level, and closed the door, according to List. The two policemen went to Hull’s flat and asked him to open the door before calling an ambulance for Deborah Hull. They kicked the door open after he objected and hauled him into prison without any additional trouble, as per Chicago Tribune.

Bobby Hull’s second wife was Deborah. She was reportedly referred to as Bobby Hull’s third wife in the public eye. This is due to the fact that the actor had a romantic relationship with Claudia Allen in the 1980s, but they never wed.

Deborah and Bobby tied the knot in 1984. However, the celebrity couple’s marriage problems began only two years into their relationship.