After an average third quarter, the Jacksonville Jaguars stepped up their game during the fourth quarter of their Sunday game against the Buffalo Bills as was clear in their brilliant interception against Josh Allen’s throw.

Bills QB went for broke on third down with a heave downfield towards Stefon Diggs as the Bills became desperate to score a touchdown before the final whistle. However, Jags cornerback Darious Williams was ready and made a jump for it as soon as Diggs did.

In the end, Williams came away with the ball and he celebrated the victory with the rest of the team.

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“If you force Allen to make a hopeful throw, to just throw it up there, you’ll get the chance of an interception and that’s what happened there,” Former NFL cornerback Jason Bell said on ITV.

Here is the action:

Soon after, Travis Etienne scored Jacksonville’s second touchdown of the game, after running it in from six yards out. After going 93 yards in 10 plays, the Jaguars now lead 11 with under eight minutes left to play. The Buffalo Bills were not seen getting anything going on offense so far today.

Apart from, obviously, Diggs scoring a touchdown against Jacksonville Jaguars with just two minutes remaining to halftime, all thanks to Allen’s excellent pass. While the Jags were in control for most of the first half – with them being 11-0 after the first quarter – the Bills finished strong, scoring the touchdown and then switching to their defense mode so that they could prevent any further Jacksonville points.

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For most of the first half, the Bills seemed to handing the game to the Jags, leading fans as well as commentators to wonder if they had been hit by jet lag. Commentators said that the Bills looked like they still needed to wake up due to their poor performance on the field so far. The fact that the Jags have been in the UK since their game last week also seems to be giving them an advantage. Jacksonville beat Atlanta last week to improve to 4-5 at Wembley.