LeBron James and Dillion Brooks were involved in a few heated moments during the first Los Angeles Lakers vs Memphis Grizzlies playoff game on Wednesday. The former was even seen mouthing at the No 24 in the third quarter while trailing 52-66 at the FedExForum.

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In the third quarter, King James got the better of Brooks by hitting a tough jumper. The Grizzlies star was not done. He kept talking to LeBron only to see NBA’s all-time scorer mouth at him.

Dillon Brooks also elbowed the Lakers star while getting back to the opposite end of the floor.


In the fourth quarter, Dillon Brooks scored a three-pointer and stared down at LeBron.

“dillon brooks makes his first three of the night halfway through the 4th after shooting 3/11 from the field and stares down lebron james😭😭😭 this man truly does not care,” a Twitter user said.

“Why would LeBron James stoop to trash-talk Dillon Brooks??? Brooks literally clapped back at him. Brooks is in LeBron’s head. Don’t tell him, Bron. Keep SHOWING him. Keep lighting him up. He can’t guard you. Drive on him. Shoot little jumpers over him. LEAD THE COMEBACK,” another one added.

“dillon brooks has officially gotten on lebron’s nerves,” a third one tweeted.

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LeBron James and Dillon Brooks have locked horns 11 times in their careers. All their matchups have come during the regular season. The Los Angeles Lakers player has a 9-2 record.

“I wouldn’t mind playing LeBron (James) in a seven-game series. The legacy is there. First time back in the playoffs, knock him out right away. They’ll test us good. They got good pieces, good players. That’ll be a good first-round matchup for us,” Brooks said about playing LeBron in the playoffs.