After taking a year off, the Major League Baseball ballot is open once again, giving fans of the sport a chance to vote for their favourite players to appear in the All-Stars game, scheduled for July 13, 2021.

The voting process has been divided into two phases, which will ultimately help in deciding the starters for the game. The first phase began on June 3 and will go on for over three weeks before ending on June 24. The second phase of the voting would be open for a shorter time. Polls open on June 28 at noon and will conclude on July 1.

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After the end of the first phase, the top three contenders for each position will advance to the second stage from each league. For the position of outfielders, nine players would enter phase two voting.

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Fans are given two ways to vote for their favourite player:

1) MLB Platforms

These open-to-all platforms include MLB Ballpark applications, the official site of the MLB and websites of all 30 clubs. This way every user can vote for their choice of player(s) up to 5 times in a timeframe of 24 hours.

2) Google searches

Fans of the sport can search for google ballot for MLB or directly for the profiles of the players up for voting. Even though this feature is only available to users in USA and Canada, it is likely to be the most used option as it gives them the freedom to vote 17 times in 24 hours.

Fans can expect the voting results just a few hours after the phase 2 voting concludes. The results would be announced at 9 pm ET on ESPN.