Memphis Grizzlies’ Ja Morant has been accused of punching a 17-year-old, flashing his gun at the teenager and an altercation at a mall. The 23-year-old, however, has not been suspended yet.

Morant  is accused of striking a 17-year-old boy 12 to 13 times in the head. He apparently went inside his home after the incident and came out with a revolver.

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In a second incident, Morant is accused of getting into a fight with the mall’s security chief at Memphis’ Wolfchase Galleria.

Morant is reported to have confessed to hitting the 17-year-old but claimed to have acted in self-defense to the police. The plaintiff, according to Morant, allegedly “made verbal threats” and threatened to “light [Morant’s] house up.”

Morant said ‘he and his family were put in fear by the statement.’

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Prior to turning the case over to the district attorney’s office in October, the police spent several weeks looking into the plaintiff’s claims. Prosecutors, however, determined that there was insufficient proof to move through with a case.

After carrying out an extensive investigation, law enforcement decided not to file any criminal charges against Ja.

All of the charges, according to Morant’s agent Jim Tanner, are unfounded rumors and hearsay spread by individuals seeking to harm him and damage his reputation for personal gain. He asserted that numerous witnesses could attest to Morant’s lack of a weapon and that the accusations had been looked into and proven false.

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The Grizzlies are second in the NBA’s western conference this season thanks to one of the top players in the league, Morant. The team may only look to trade the star if he faces suspension or is arrested. However, none of that is a real possibility at the moment.

Morant is the the fifth best-paid player of the Memphis Grizzlies this year. He has signed a 4 year / $39,619,840 contract with the team.