Actor Paul Rudd narrated the Kansas City Chiefs vs Jacksonville Jaguars playoff game introduction at the Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday. The winner of the game will go to the AFC final, which will be played next week. 

Fans were impressed by the way Rudd introduced the high-octane game on Saturday.

“Are you ready for some football,” the actor said. 

“That was a very well thought out, well written, and well delivered intro by Paul Rudd! #JAXvsKC,” a Twitter user wrote. 

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“Just got back from an early dinner at my favorite local place and sat down on the coach just as Paul Rudd introduced Jags @ Chiefs. I’m totally winning at life. Best weekend of NFL football. LET’S GO!” another one added. 

“Paul Rudd with a perfect intro for this game! Man I love the playoffs!!!” a third one tweeted. 

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If the Chiefs win today’s game, they will host the AFC title game if the Cincinnati Bengals beat Buffalo Bills. The title game will be played at a neutral site Atlanta, if the Bills beat the Bengals. If the Jaguars win, they will go to wither Buffalo or Cincinnati next week.

Jaguars got the ball first. Just like last week, Trevor Lawrence’s first pass of the game deflected at the line of scrimmage by a defensive lineman. However, this week, it fell incomplete instead of getting intercepted.

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Mahomes’ first two passes went to Travis Kelce. The Jaguars were the NFL’s worst defense against tight ends this season.

Jaguars are coming off a thrilling come-from-behind victory on Super Wild Card Weekend. Lawrence threw four first-half interceptions while digging his team into a 27-0 hole against the Los Angeles Chargers, only to then lead them on a massive comeback. The Chiefs now have to win just one matchup to earn a trip to their fifth consecutive AFC title game.