Pittsburgh Steelers’ Diontae Johnson is being trolled after his dismal performance vs Cincinnati Bengals.

Following the Pittsburgh Steelers’ disheartening Week 11 loss to the Cleveland Browns, emotions ran high for All-Pro wide receiver Diontae Johnson. ESPN has reported that Johnson’s visible upset extended beyond the field and led to a “heated” exchange with a teammate, specifically targeting defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick in the Steelers’ locker room.

The incident took place last Sunday, with Johnson’s frustration reaching a boiling point. Steelers veterans Cameron Heyward and T.J. Watt intervened, stepping in to diffuse the tension and break up the altercation. In the aftermath of the exchange, Watt emphasized the critical importance of the team sticking together, underscoring the need for unity and solidarity despite the challenges faced during the disappointing game.

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Diontae Johnson, a skilled wide receiver, has made a significant impact on the Pittsburgh Steelers’ offensive arsenal in the National Football League (NFL). Born on July 5, 1996, in Ruskin, Florida, Johnson attended Toledo University, where he showcased his exceptional football talent.

The Pittsburgh Steelers selected Johnson in the third round of the 2019 NFL Draft, recognizing his potential to contribute to the team’s success. He quickly lived up to expectations, displaying remarkable route-running ability, agility, and reliable hands on the field.

Johnson’s rookie season in 2019 marked the beginning of what would become a promising career. Despite facing the challenges typical of a rookie adapting to the NFL, he managed to make a significant impact. He finished the season with 59 receptions for 680 yards and five touchdowns, showcasing his ability to be a reliable target for the Steelers’ quarterbacks.

In the subsequent seasons, Johnson continued to evolve into a key component of the Steelers’ offensive strategy. His elusive moves, coupled with an innate ability to create separation from defenders, made him a go-to option for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.

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The 2020 season was particularly noteworthy for Johnson, as he emerged as the Steelers’ leading receiver. Despite facing occasional drops, a challenge he openly acknowledged and worked on improving, he recorded 88 receptions for 923 yards and seven touchdowns. His dynamic playing style and knack for turning short receptions into significant gains made him a crucial asset for the team.

Beyond his statistical contributions, Johnson’s resilience and determination have endeared him to Steelers fans.