The US Open TV coverage from the previous year was frequently cut off by commercial breaks. Due to frequent interruptions, channels airing the major championship, including as NBC, USA Network, and Peacock, faced severe criticism. Likewise, the US Golf Association was the target of numerous complaints. After that time, USGA CEO Mike Whan promised that the problem will be resolved this year.

Whan has recently disclosed that the USGA and NBC network talked about and decided to cut back on the TV ads this weekend before the US Open 2023. The official announced that commercial breaks during weekend broadcasts at the Los Angeles Country Club will be reduced by 30%. Whan claims that there would be 19 fewer commercial breaks during the telecast of the 123rd US Open than there were during its daily duration last year.

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It’s worth noting that the USGA CEO stated that he decided to take action after reading online fan comments about the advertisement. Prior to the US Open in 2023, Mike Whan informed reporters at LACC, “This is one of the unfortunate outcomes of your CEO being on Twitter. I’m sure most of my staff would like me to give up on my social media presence. I am sure my wife would like me to give up, she always says, ‘Why do you have to read it in the morning that you’re an idiot and then go to work?’ I don’t know, somehow it grounds you.”

It is important to mention that there was a considerable social media criticism from people who watched the 2022 major. Mike Whan responded to the concerns made by followers by tweeting “I’m on it!” from his personal Twitter account. Interestingly, NBC consented to eliminate the commercial breaks on Sunday to better the viewing experience for the viewers.

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“To me last year when you’re here all day and you’re in meetings all day and everything else, sometimes you don’t really understand the fan experience until midnight and reading social media. I shouldn’t admit that because I can only imagine the amount of crazies that will come out this week. But I was reading in Boston last year and I thought there was an overwhelming amount of comments about commercial interruptions. “First off, I probably shouldn’t engage because engaging in social media is like sticking your face first into the fan. That’s exactly what I did.”

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There will only be a few commercial breaks during the US Open 2023 telecast, the USGA chairman has said. It is significant that NBC Sports will broadcast the largest TV coverage of a USGA major tournament ever this weekend. It will be interesting to see how this time’s broadcast and advertisements turn out.