Al Hilm is the official match ball for the semi-finals and finals of the FIFA World Cup 2022, set to take place in Qatar. The ball, manufactured by Adidas, features a unique design inspired by the traditional Arabic art of paper cutting, known as “tiraz”.

The ball’s design incorporates intricate patterns and geometric shapes, as well as the tournament’s official logo and the colors of the Qatari flag. It also features a thermal bonded construction for improved aerodynamics and a seamless surface for a more accurate flight.

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In addition to its visually striking appearance, the Al Hilm ball is also designed for enhanced performance on the pitch. It features a textured outer casing for improved grip, as well as a reinforced bladder for increased durability.

The ball’s name, Al Hilm, is derived from the Arabic word for “dream”. This reflects the ambition and determination of the participating teams, as well as the excitement and anticipation of fans around the world.

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The Al Hilm ball will be used exclusively in the semi-finals and finals of the tournament, adding an extra layer of significance and prestige to these high-stakes matches. It is the first time that a dedicated match ball has been used for the semi-finals and finals of the World Cup, highlighting the unique nature of this edition of the tournament.

Overall, the Al Hilm ball represents a combination of traditional Arabic culture, cutting-edge technology, and high-performance design. It will provide a unique and memorable experience for players and fans alike at the FIFA World Cup 2022.

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The Qatar 2022 World Cup semifinal lineup is officially known following the most intensely passionate set of quarterfinal matches in World Cup history. On Tuesday night, Argentina will take on Croatia, and the next day, France, the defending champions, will play Morocco. Four teams will compete: two from Europe, one from South America, and one, singularly and magnificently, from Africa.