Brazil football legend Pele has reportedly passed away at
the age of 82. His daughter Kely Nascimento confirmed the death of her father in
a heartfelt Instagram post. “Everything we are is because of you. We love you
infinitely. Rest in peace,” she said.

The former World Cup champion was suffering from cancer and
had been in the hospital for more than a month. He was admitted to the Albert
Einstein hospital in Sao Paulo on November 29 for reassessment of the cancer
treatment. He was diagnosed with respiratory infection, receiving the necessary
care. On September 4 Last year, Pele underwent surgery to remove the tumor.

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Nascimento shared an
update on social media where she posted a picture of her along with her family
and wrote, “we have to look for each other, and hold tight.” This comes after
reports that Pele’s health is worsening as he continues his battle against cancer.

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Who is Kely Nascimento?

According to her bio on Soccer Conference, Nascimento was born in Santos, Brazil. She is the eldest daughter of Brazilian soccer legend Pelé. She became a New Yorker after her father moved his family to Manhattan in 1975 to play for the NYCosmos.

She attended the Parsons School of Design and has worked as an editorial, portrait and social commentary photographer. She is also a creative director and producer of multimedia and art projects.

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 During the 2014 World Cup, hosted by Brazil, Kely documented her father in a video blog. She then started creating daily content chronicling his experience and giving his fans a peak at The Real Pelé.

She is an ambassador for the Global Goals World Cup at and is also working on a documentary and a global multi-platform initiative to promote women’s soccer and equality around the world.

She is married and has four children.