The San Diego Padres announced the death of their owner, Peter Seidler on November 14. 

Seidler’s family has a history in commerce as the grandson of mogul Walter O’Malley, who owned the Dodgers from 1959 until 1970. By the early 2010s, Seidler Partners, his private equity business, had grown significantly and was managing assets valued at approximately $5 billion.

The Padres made tremendous progress under Seidler’s leadership, breaking their 14-year postseason drought in the 2020 season, which was cut short by COVID-19. The team continued to succeed in 2022 when it made it to the National League Championship Series. During the division series, they upset the rival Dodgers in front of a packed Petco Park.

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Despite making financial commitments in the hundreds of millions, he brought his team to national fame and never saw the team win a World Series. He died at the age of 63 on Tuesday. 

The Padres withheld the cause of death from the public, although two-time cancer survivor Seidler disclosed in a statement on September 18 that he had had surgery the previous month that would keep him from going to any games for the rest of 2023.

He was married to Sheel.

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Who is Sheel?

Together with his wife Sheel, Peter Seidler has three children. Sheel, a well-known yoga and fitness instructor, initially connected with Peter in 2005 while attending the University of San Diego to study law. In 2008, the year Peter bought a minority ownership in the San Diego Padres, the couple were married.

Sheel is descended from Indians. Her yoga teachings frequently center on Kundalini, a form of feminine divinity propagated by Hinduism. Sheel Seidler, a former lawyer, has discovered a greater purpose. Sheel has also worked on the well-known online yoga course yourbuddi.

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Sheel frequently attended Padres games with her late husband. Seidler acquired a minority ownership in the team in 2008, and in 2020 he became the sole proprietor.