Andrea Thompson, the mother of the former Chicago Bulls player, died in Toronto on Thursday, January 7, according to TMZ.

The outlet says that she suffered a heart attack at her home on Thursday, after which she was taken to a local hospital where the doctors tried to recover her. However, nothing worked and she was eventually declared dead. 

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Who was Andrea Thompson? 

Andrea Thompson was the mother of Tristan Thompson, the NBA player who most recently played as a canter and power forward for the Chicago Bulls. Andrea, along with her husband Trevor, were of Jamaican origin. They lived in Toronto, Canada. Andrea had four sons and Tristan is the oldest of them all. 

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TMZ said that Tristan Thompson left his Los Angeles home for Toronto as soon as he could after hearing the news. In another report, they said that Khloe Kadarshian, with whom Tristan has a daughter named True, accompanied the player to his Toronto home on his private jet as he left aggrieved for the last rites.

Andrea and Tristan were very close and the basketball player had reportedly posted several photos with her, along with his kids. 

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The details about Andrea Thompson’s age and other whereabouts are not publicly known. She operated away from the public eye of his son’s fame as well as his high-profile partners which has made him the fodder for tabloids in the last few years. 

Tristan Thompson has not yet made any public comment on the passing away of his mother. We can expect it to arrive soon.