A man unfortunately died after having an “apparent medical event” while watching the fourth quarter of the New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins game on Sunday night at Gillette Stadium.

The man has been identified as Dale Mooney.

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The investigators are aggressively looking into the circumstances behind the man’s death, including what happened before the medical episode, according to a statement from a state police official. As part of the investigation, they are looking at video evidence and interviewing those who were close to Mooney. At this time, no charges have been brought. The DA’s office has verified that the chief medical examiner’s office will do an autopsy as part of the usual practice for such investigations.

According to the Norfolk District Attorney’s Office, the details surrounding the medical episode are still unknown, and no charges are now filed. The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner will do an autopsy as soon as Monday.

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Foxboro police and state police investigators are working together to look into the event. It’s crucial to recognize that this tragic incident differs from the heroic acts of two firefighters who, although also at the game, successfully revived a spectator having a cardiac arrest.

Who was Dale Mooney?

Dale Mooney was 53 years old. He was from Newmarket, New Hampshire. Mooney was a die-hard Patriots fan and maintained season tickets for 30 years.

The incident took place in parts 308 and 309, where the person experienced an apparent medical occurrence. As soon as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) arrived, they transported the 53-year-old to Memorial Hospital in Attleboro. 

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Unfortunately, he was declared dead later. Mooney’s wife claimed that although she was not aware of any recognized heart conditions, his father had dealt with heart-related issues.