Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday slammed the Opposition, accusing it of “misleading farmers”. Speaking about the three farm laws that were recently passed in the Parliament, the PM said that the farmers have the freedom to sell their produce anywhere. “But some people are unable to tolerate this freedom,” he said. 

“Their one more medium to earn black income is finished,” Modi added.

He made the statements while inaugurating development projects in Uttarakhand through video-conferencing.

He used the occasion to allay farmers’ concerns over the new laws and slammed the Opposition for the farmers’ protests being held in several states. 

“Farmers can now sell their produce to anyone, anywhere. But when centre is giving farmers their rights, these people (Opposition) are opposing it,” Modi said. 

“They don’t want farmers to sell their produce in open market, they want middlemen to earn profit,” he added while accusing the Opposition of “opposing the freedom of farmers.”

While protesting over farm laws on Monday, a group of 15-20 people set a tractor on fire at New Delhi’s India Gate.

Referring to the incident, Modi said on Tuesday, “they are insulting the farmers by setting fire to the machines and equipment that is worshipped by them.”

The PM further claimed that the previous governments didn’t implement the system of Minimum Support Price (MSP) for farmers. 

“This was done by our govt as per the recommendation of the Swaminathan Commission,” he claimed.

The Prime Minister accused the Opposition of “misleading farmers over MSP”.

“There will not only be MSP in the country but also the freedom for farmers to sell their produce anywhere. But some people are unable to tolerate this freedom. Their one more medium to earn black income is finished,” Modi said.

Widespread demonstrations are being held by farmers and their associated groups in several states, chiefly in Punjab, Haryana, Karnataka and Bihar.