Talk show host John Oliver is giving his best to spread awareness on people to get vaccinated and on his Sunday show ‘Last Week Tonight’, he dismissed a lot of myths around COVID-19 vaccines. Oliver also called out a few, who were spreading the lie on vaccines.

He slammed Fox news political commentator Tucker Carlson, said he was ‘scrunch-faced fear baboon’. The late night talk show host said that vaccine hesitancy in America is quite disturbing. There were a few studies that he cited, one claimed that "18% of the American population said they would "maybe" get the vaccine, while 22 percent said no."  Another study showed that 30% of Republicans didn't want to get vaccinated. 

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Oliver added that it's not surprising that why fears have grown in the right-wing or conservative population, it is because one of the most known superspreaders, talking about Carlson. Talking of the Fox news political commentator, he said “It is genuinely weird to see someone hosting a show on a supposed news network and ending every sentence with a question mark.”

Here's the video of Oliver's myth busting segment from his Late Night talk show:

In his show, he also featured clips of far-right radio host Alex Jones, where Jones had said "studies show those who are getting vaccinated will die within 10 years suffering from neurological side effects."

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He also called out Joe Rogan, American comedian and podcast host, after Rogan drew attention with his comments saying young adults don't need vaccines. But after receiving a backlash for his statement he said ‘I am not a doctor, I am a f--ing moron'. Taking Rogan's comment, Oliver slammed him for spreading misinformation. 

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