Spotify on Wednesday released a collection of the top artists, songs and podcasts individual listeners enjoyed over the past year. The feature is called Spotify Wrapped. It is currently available on the application for iOS and Android.

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How does Spotify Wrapped work?

When clicked on the Wrapped feature, the user will see their musical year displayed like an Instagram story. It shows  information such as minutes playing songs, and the songs and artists one enjoyed the most in 2021. The user than has an option  to share lists of their Top Artists, Top Songs, Minutes Listened, and Top Genre on social media.

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What is new?

This year Wrapped added several features like the 2021 The Movie feature. It  shows what songs would play in the soundtrack of a movie starring yourself. The ‘audio aura’ gives users a colorful visual of their aura based on their most popular music moods.

Other features: (credit: Spotify)

Playing Cards – This is an interactive, data-based game that you play and then share with your friends. We’ll display several statements about your listening this year and you’ll have to guess which are true.

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2021 Wrapped Blend – Tapping into the new Blend feature launched this year, Spotify fans can see how their 2021 music tastes match up with friends, stream their blended playlist, and share their results on social.

How to find Spotify Wrapped 2021?

The feature can be found on the homescreen of the Spotify app. Click on the Wrapped story or visit playlists featuring your top songs and artists of this year.