Apple’s annual launch event “California calling” took place on Tuesday. At the event, Apple launched its new iPAD.

The new iPAD will have Truetone and will support the first-generation Apple Pencil. The device will have 5G connectivity and the front and back cameras have also received an upgrade.  

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A Truetone flash has been added to improve image quality. iPad Mini will have the capability to record in 4K ensuring more immersive video capabilities. The device will also support Centre Stage. Further, iPad Mini will come with new accessories with a brand new line of covers. iPad mini also supports the new magnetic Apple Pencil. 

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“Our iPad line-up is the best its ever been,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook. 

The next generation of the Apple Watch was introduced at Apple’s event. The new Apple Watch has fall detection in cycling. The new display refracts light at its edges. It is 70% brighter indoors. The display is an industry-first, according to Apple. 

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The Apple Watch Serie 7 will have an 18-hour battery life and charges 33% faster than Serie 6. It will be available in five new colours. 

The next product launched was the iPhone. Tim Cook introduced the next generation of iPhone, the iPhone 13. Apple claims that iPhone 13 is designed with the environment in mind with a lot of recycled materials. iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini will feature super retina display. 

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iPhone 13 will have the fastest CPU than any smartphone, according to Apple. The company said that iPhone 13 is capable of 15.8 trillion operations per second. iPhone 13 will have the biggest sensor in any of Apple’s dual camera system. This feature will come in both iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini. A new ultrawide camera has also been introduced. 

For video, iPhone 13 will have ‘cinematic mode’. A technique called rack focus, which Apple says will bring a new dimension to story-telling. The iPhone 13 will be equipped with 5G with custom-designed antennas. 

The iPhone 13 Pro features surgical grade stainless steel bands which is resistant to corrosion. iPhone 13 Pro will have a Sierra Blue version. It will have a new super retina display. When swiping between apps, the phone will adapt to the speed of the user. The camera is being touted as a device for film-making.