Apple launched a series of new products at the company event on Monday. In the event hosted by Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company launched new AirPods, MacBook Pro and a series of other products.

Apple MacBook pro: Apple finally launched the new MacBook Pro laptops, with some simple but extremely efficient changes and for the first time ever, will be powered by the new M1-series high-performance chip, the M1 Pro and the M1 Max Silicon chips.

The MacBook Pro will not feature a Touchbar anymore. The web camera has been finally upgraded to a 1080p Full HD snapper and will sport a wider lens. It will also rely on computational technology to ensure better video performance. However, the downside? MacBook Pro, like the iPhones, will now come with a notch. But otherwise, the laptop is stuffed with a stunning 120 Hz display, which is seemingly brighter. The new MacBook Pro also comes with a Mini-LED, HDR display.

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Apple Music: Custom playlists will be available for users in Apple Music through Siri. A new voice plan starting $ 4.99 will also be added. The plan will allow user access Siri to listen to the entire Apple Music catalog.

Air Pods: The new AirPods have been launched that are sweat and water-resistant. The battery life of the new AirPods are said to be 6 hours, and along with MagSafe and wireless charging. They boast of Spatial Audio and adaptive EQ as well. Apple will be selling them for $179. Customers can pre-order the new airpods from Monday and they will be available next week in the market.

Apple’s website, while describing the features of the third-generation AirPods read, “Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sounds all around you to create a three-dimensional listening experience for music, TV shows, movies and more — immersing you in sounds from every direction so it feels like you’re in your very own concert hall or theatre.”