Apple unveiled their latest and highly awaited version of AirPods on Monday with some striking updates but an almost consistent look. The third generation of the AirPods was released along with a series of other products, including the new MacBook and the M1 processor.

The spatial audio system of the new product is being tagged as the head-turner feature. The spatial audio feature is known for replicating the sounds of large audio systems and create a three-dimensional feel. 

Apple’s website, while describing the features of the third-generation AirPods read, “Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking places sounds all around you to create a three-dimensional listening experience for music, TV shows, movies and more — immersing you in sounds from every direction so it feels like you’re in your very own concert hall or theatre.”

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Social media users also seem to be excited about the new and boosted water-resistant feature of the Apple AirPods. The addition to the audio product protects it from splashes of water and sweat to a degree never seen before in the AirPods predecessors. 

The new AirPods and the MagSafe charging case, which is also used to carry the product, have received the IPX4 sweat and water-resistant mark, which will help them “withstand anything from rain to heavy workouts”, Apple website said after the launch event on Monday.

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The Apple AirPods have also received an upgrade in the charging department. When fully loaded, the MagSafe charging case can provide a listening time of up to 30 hours. Moreover, 5 minutes of charging the AirPods in the case can add one hour of listening time.

A force sensor has also been added to the third-gen AirPods’ control button, giving the user an amplified control over commands like play, pause and skipping through songs, or answer and ending calls.