England’s Rachel Hick had to rush her golden retriever, Jimmy, to a vet after he had swallowed her AirPods. An intricate surgery to remove the device left everyone astonished, as the wireless headphones were inside the dog’s digestive system and the charging light was still on, Metro reports. 

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The owner of the dog and AirPods, Rachel Hick, while narrating the story said, “It was Easter Sunday and Jimmy has his own Instagram account, so I was taking photos of him getting his first dog Easter egg to use on Instagram. He was jumping up and running around going crazy, he was so hyped up and excited.  As he jumped, he knocked my AirPods out of my pocket and they fell on the floor, and before I even realized they’d dropped on the floor, he ate them whole. He looked up at me straight after and gave me a look as if to say ‘that wasn’t the treat, was it?’ My heart sank.”

However, Hick got the golden retriever operated and the AirPods were taken out.

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Susana Jauregui, the vet who operated said, “Our vet on duty that evening, Steven, x-rayed Jimmy and the radiograph images clearly showed the AirPods case still intact in his digestive system. There was a risk of it causing an obstruction and, with it being a charging case, Steven was also concerned about battery acid leaking so, after discussing the situation with Jimmy’s owners, he agreed to operate.”

After praising Rachel for acting quickly, Susana admitted that she was that there wasn’t a scratch or a tooth mark on the device and even the charging light was still on. The operation took place on a Sunday evening and Jimmy spent the night recuperating in the clinic.