Elon Musk is at it once more, altering Twitter’s policies every day, if not every hour.

Musk responded to an 82-tweet thread that @adamscochran had started by stating that Twitter will soon allow users to share lengthy tweets. How much time will “long tweets” last? Only Musk is aware, and he did not clarify.

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“Ability to do long tweets coming soon,” Musk tweeted.

Before Elon Musk acquired the company, Twitter declared that Notes would be launched. The official Twitter message stated, “A way to write longer on Twitter.”

With the addition of a feature like this, the platform might transform completely from a “micro-blogging” platform to a full-fledged Medium or Tumblr. While Twitter Notes appears to be prospering in its own world, it is also not available everywhere and is only available in a few places.

“The new feature will address situations where it can be difficult to follow threads by allowing users to put all of the text into a Note. Notes will also address situations where users had to post screenshots of their Notes app in order to tweet a large portion of text,” TechCrunch reported in June 2022.

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Twitter reported that writers were utilising the tool in “lots of different ways” one month after it launched. Additionally, it stated that Notes would be made available to more people and that Twitter would update users on what would happen next.

It’s still unclear whether Musk’s proposal for longer tweets will take a similar direction or take a completely different one.

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Musk has made the company into a rollercoaster in his brief time there, and one can only hope that all of his promises are fulfilled in the best way possible.

The edit button Musk promised previously is yet to be launched for Twitter users.