Meta is planning to release a new tool for WhatsApp that will introduce new privacy features for users when it comes to sharing images. 

The new feature will help users blur out any part of an image, according to WhatsApp development tracker WABetaInfo. The tool will help users blur out sensitive information from their images. 

This new tool comes just a few days after the company said that users would soon be able to forward multimedia like GIFs, photographs, videos and documents with a caption. WABetaInfo had announced that this feature was under development for WhatsApp Desktop. Some beta testers are finally getting access to the new feature. 

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WhatsApp will roll out two blur tools, according to WABetaInfo, which will let users use an alternate blur effect. In addition, users will also be able to determine the size of the blur which should be applied. 

In order to check out whether this feature is available on the desktop, users can try to send a picture. However, before sending the picture, there should be a checkered icon which serves as the blur tool. If that is there, it means a user has access to the new tool. iOS devices have already received this feature.

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Additionally, the new avatar feature has come to the WhatsApp beta for Android users. The new feature will allow users to select and customise their own personal avatar and set up a background colour so the avatar can be used as a person’s profile picture. 

This feature, according to WABetaInfo will be a part of the upcoming app upgrade. 

WhatsApp is also planning a feature that will allow users to edit sent messages, so those worried about making typos can breathe easy. The edited sent message will show up with a label “edited”.