Santa Claus has left the North Pole and is currently making his way through the world on his sleigh to deliver gifts to kids this Christmas. If you want to find out when to leave cookies and a glass of milk for the iconic man, you can use a couple of trackers to know exactly when he will fly over the United States and your area specifically. 

The trackers include ones from the North American Aerospace Defense Command and Google, both of which keeps up with Saint Nick’s journey from Christmas Eve continuing on Christmas Day. 

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NORAD’s Santa tracker 

NORAD’s Santa tracker has been tracking Claus every year since 1958. According to the organization, it uses radar, satellites, and jet fighters to follow Santa’s route.

The usual route of Santa sees him staring at the International Date Line in the Pacific Ocean and traveling west, to the South Pacific, then to Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe. After that he reaches North and South America.  

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“NORAD coordinates with Santa’s Elf Launch Staff to confirm his launch time, but from that point on, Santa calls the shots,” NORAD confirms on its website. “Santa would not want to rush the important job of delivering presents to children and spreading joy to everyone, so the only logical conclusion is that Santa somehow functions within his own time-space continuum.”

Google Santa tracker

This year, NORAD is not the only company tracking Santa. Google is also tracing Santa’s travels this year. According to its website, it has launched a “tracking experience where you can follow Santa and his reindeer as they deliver presents to kids around the world.”

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Since 2004, Google has tracked Santa’s journey on Christmas Eve. Google Assistant can also be used to ask for updates from the North Pole. According to the company, Santa’s journey lasts for 25 hours.