The Crown is considered to be one of the finest period dramas ever. It's intriguing plot and nuanced performance by the actors has contributed in stepping up the show. However, there are instances where the show was somewhat dramatised to a great extent. Here are few such instances where the show was historically inaccurate.

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1. The Great Smog Of London

The Great Smog of London the city of London in 1952, leaving it completely ravaged. The city found itself in a thick blanket of fog – coupled with polluted industrial air, that cloaked, and literally paralyzed, the city. The show depicted the complete chaos that unfolded as the smog hung over the city for five whole days. Seemingly,  the reality was a little different as most people did not realise the gravity of the situation until after the number of casualties was made public. Also, the drama indicates Churchill's somewhat cavalier response to the crisis, which is contradicted by the steps taken by the government to lower air pollution at the time. There is also no record of Churchill's secretary getting killed during the smog.

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2. The Suez Crisis

In 1956, Britain conspired with France and Israel to try and maintain their sway over the Suez canal. The governments of the three nations joined forces and conspired to throw Egypt into chaos and take the canal back from the Egyptians by pretending to intervene as peacemakers. The Crown season 2 showed the Suez crisis and the fool's errand undertaken by Prime Minister Anthony Eden in his efforts to have Britain dominate in the canal crisis. But the series deviates from historical facts when the Prime Minister indicates to the Queen that Britain had, in fact, planned the attack on Egypt surreptitiously.

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3. Shenanigans of Prince Philip

There is no proven account of Prince Philip ever being unfaithful to his wife. The Prince Consort did become the center of some gossip during his early years as Prince Consort, but creator Peter Morgan might have opted to run with those rumors. In season 2, Philip was shown to be becoming growingly discontented with his life as second fiddle. He gradually falls in with a dubious lot through whom he meets a lot of young beautiful women. However, to be fair to the writers, they never actually show any extramarital affair on Phillip's part, despite the strong hints.

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4. Jackie Kennedy meets The Monarch

The Crown also depicts President Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy's visit to Buckingham Palace. The Queen had her own insecurities and was unsure about meeting Jackie Kennedy who was something of a fashion icon at the time. While historical accounts suggest that she might have been a bit critical of the decor and furnishings, there's no proven record of the two bonding post-dinner as was depicted in season 2.

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5. Princess Alice's alienation from son

One of those who suffered most was Princess Alice of Battenberg, mother of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. The season 3 episode, "Bubbykins", focused on the life of Princess Alice who had been living as a nun after having been diagnosed as a schizophrenic at a young age and being separated from her children. The Prince Consort was apparently in touch with his mother and it had been his idea to bring his mother to England when the political climate in Greece deteriorated.

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