The first session of The Crown premiered on December 2016 and till date, it is one the finest period dramas ever made. The show has garnered massive positive response from fans across the globe. In The Crown, we see that Prince Philip is quite frank and often a bit of a jerk, even to his wife and sons. However, as the show repeatedly demonstrates, there are actually some very sad things about him that allow the viewer to actually sympathize with the character.

Here are 5 instances in The Crown where we hated Prince Philip

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1. He had an affair

There’s no question that the marriage between Elizabeth and Philip is a difficult one, especially since they are both very strong personalities that often have trouble compromising. At one point, it’s actually pretty clear that Philip has been philandering with another woman.

2. Change the coronation

As part of his struggle to accept his place as inferior to Elizabeth, Philip tries to persuade her to make certain changes to the coronation. While one can perhaps understand why he would, for example, not want to kneel down in front of her, it has to be said that the way he goes about trying to convince her to agree to his demands

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3. Cruelty to Charles

Given his own struggles with his father and with his sense of masculinity, it was probably inevitable that Philip would take out some of his own issues on his son. In fact, that’s exactly what happens.

4. Treatment to Margaret Thatcher

Philip often makes no secret of the fact that he looks down on the common folk and that he holds most women (sometimes including his wife) in absolute contempt. That condescension extends to Margaret Thatcher, who has the misfortune to get “tested” by the royals when she visits their Scottish retreat at Balmoral.

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5. Conversation with Charles after Mountbatten’s death

It’s truly a traumatizing moment when Charles Dance’s character Lord Mountbatten is killed by a bomb planted on his boat. More sinisterly, it leads to a tense standoff between Philip and Charles, in which the two come very close to telling one another just how little they actually think of each other.

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