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Amazon Quiz (June 24. 2021): This character was named in honour of whom?

Amazon Quiz (June 24, 2021): In which country is an AI powered drone project set up to detect and map the most important habitats of Maui and Hector dolphins?

Amazon Quiz (June 24, 2021): The 'Plain of Jars' is a mysterious megalithic archaeological landscape located in which country?

.New Delhi, Delhi, India

Amazon Quiz (June 24, 2021): Which international organisation recently released 'Immunization Agenda 2030'?

Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): Which sportsperson and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador led the global vaccination drive during World Immunization Week 2021?

.New Delhi, Delhi, India

Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): Name the architect of this building.

Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): In which year did he receive the Nobel Peace Prize?

Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): Project Dantak, a project of Border Roads Organisation, just completed 60 years. It was undertaken in which neighbouring country?

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Amazon Quiz (June 23, 2021): Commercial Crew Program to carry astronauts to and from the International Space station is a partnership between private industry and whom?

Amazon Quiz (June 22, 2021): Which organisation outlines the global strategy on occupational safety and health?