.Cape Town, South Africa
A person with co-morbidities is at a greater risk of dying of COVID-19. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Pixabay)

  • HIV+ woman carried the COVID-19 infection for 216 days, which mutated 32 times, says a study
  • The alterations implicated 13 spike proteins, helping it to evade the autoimmune reaction
  • The woman is currently residing in South Africa

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Pfizer vaccine is slightly less effective against the Indian strain of coronavirus. (Photo credit: AP/PTI)

  • The study sampled 28 healthcare workers in the city of Orleans
  • People who received two doses of Pfizer saw a three-fold reduction in their antibodies against the Indian variant
  • "Indian variant has acquired partial resistance to antibodies," the study author said

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Globally, new cases and deaths have decreased over the past week. (Photo Credit-PTI)

  • WHO report said that B.1.617 had shown increased transmissibility,
  • "The more SARS-CoV-2 circulates, the more opportunities it has to evolve," the report added
  • Around 4.1 million new COVID-19 cases and 84,000 new deaths were reported last week

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Family member wearing PPE kits perform the last rites of a COVID-19 victim at a cremation ground in Jammu on Thursday, May 13, 2021. (Photo Credit: PTI)

  • Nine-month-old Krishu, the only child to his blind parents, succumbed to COVID-19 
  • His father, Shashank Shekar, 26, battling for his life at another hospital is unaware
  • Jitender Singh 'Shunty', a former BJP MLA, buried Krishu

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Citizens wait outside Thane Nurses Training Vaccination Center to receive a dose of COVID-19 vaccine, in Thane, Wednesday, May 12, 2021. (PTI Photo)

  • Some media reports termed the B.1.617 variant of COVID-19 as the "Indian variant," Centre said
  • The government said that these media reports are "without any basis, and unfounded"
  • The WHO said it does not "identify viruses or variants with names of countries they are first reported from"

.Berlin, Germany
In the wake of newer variants, German vaccine maker BioNTech has said that its vaccine does not need any change. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Pixabay)

  • BioNTech in a statement stated that its vaccine is fit for newer variants of the virus
  • It also said that tests are being conducted on a "modified, variant-specific version"
  • BioNTech chief Ugur Sahin said last month that its vaccine works against the Indian variant

.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Family members react during the cremation of a COVID-19 victim, as coronavirus cases surge in record numbers, at Sarai Kale Khan Crematorium in New Delhi, Thursday, May 6, 2021. (PTI Photo)

  • The death toll from COVID-19 in India has now climbed to 234,083
  • The COVID-19 tally in India now stands at 21,491,598
  • There are currently 3,645,164 active cases of COVID-19 in India

Amid the rising surge in COVID-19 cases young people using social media to help people. (Photo Credit: PTI)

  • As their government struggles to tackle the pandemic, young Indians have stepped into the breach
  • They are using social media to direct resources to people in need
  • A youth-led organisation UNCUT is building online databases about medical resources available across India

.Delhi, India
The final semester exams in DU were set to begin on May 15. (Photo Credit: Representational Image/Pixabay)

  • Final year exams in DU will now begin on June 1
  • The date sheet will be announced soon
  • India is facing a second wave of COVID-19

Cricket Australia has announced a donation of $50,000.(Photo Credit : /PTI)

  • Cricket Australia and the Australian Cricketer's Association have partnered with UNICEF Australia to raise funds
  • The donation will be used for oxygen supply, testing equipment and to accelerate the rollout of coronavirus vaccines
  • Australian cricketers Pat Cummins and Brett Lee have donated for India's fight against COVID-19