21 Feburary.Islamabad, Pakistan
Dananeer Mobeen took to her Instagram stories to thank her supporters after crossing the one million mark in Instagram. (Photo Credit: Instagram/ Danandeer Mobeen)

  • Earlier this month, Dananeer Mobeenposted a video of chilling with her friends on a hill station
  • The video broke the internet and also caught the attention of music composer Yashraj Mukhate
  • Several cricketers and Bollywood actors have recreated the video

20 Feburary.Peshawar, Pakistan
Dananeer Mobeen posted a photo on Instagram in a yellow outfit. (Photo credit: Instagram)

Earlier this month, Dananeer Mobeen broke the internet with her video of her chilling with her friends on a hill station

19 Feburary
The original clip portrayed Mobeen in northern Pakistan, apparently imitating city-based travellers' accents. (Photo credit: Instagram/@dananeer)

  • Amul has been producing comic strips on various issues and persons related to India
  • The three young women in the strip resemble Dananeer Mobeen and her two friends grooving to Yashraj Mukhate's rendition of the meme
  • Amul played upon the word 'pawri' with 'pav' and 'tea' in the strip

18 Feburary.Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Shahid Kapoor adds a touch to his 'pawri ho rahi hai' video; starts saying 'Party All Night'. (Photo Credits: Instagram/@shahidkapoor)

  • Shahid Kapoor can be seen vibing with the Indian director duo Raj and DK
  • "Yeh mere stars hain, yeh hum hain, yaha pawri ho rahi hai," director Raj Nidimoru says in the video
  • Shahid Kapoor sings a few lines of Honey Singh's song 'Party All Night' in the video

17 Feburary.New Delhi, Delhi, India
The 19-year-old hails from Peshawar. (Photo Credit: Instgram/@dananeerr)

  • Dananeer Mobeen has 738k followers on Instagram
  • Her 'pawri horahi hai video' got 4.7 million views
  • Dananeer's new video has 1 million views

13 Feburary.New Delhi, Delhi, India
Dananeer Mobeen is a content creator and a social media influencer from Pakistan who became an internet sensation after her "Pawri" video went viral. (Photo Credit: Instagram/@dananeerr)

  • Dananeer Mobeen reached about 245K followers on Instagram within a week after her viral 'pawri' video
  • Her famous video trolled rich people also known as “burgers” when they visit northern areas of Pakistan
  • From fans, followers, to celebrities, many are recreating Mobeen's video in their own style