11 April.Houston, TX, USA
NASA noted the copter is "safe and healthy" and had sent information back to Earth. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@NASA)

  • Possible tech issue emerged while testing its rotors
  • A high-speed test ended earlier than expected due to an alert of a potential issue
  • The plan was to have Ingenuity fly for 30 seconds to take a picture of the Perseverance 

10 April.Houston, TX, USA
The Ingenuity copter was aboard the rover sent to Mars. (Photo Credit: Twitter/@NASA)

  • The copter is scheduled to take off on Sunday at 10:54 pm US ET
  • The device will hover 10 feet over the Jezero Crater on Mars
  • "The helicopter is good, it's looking healthy", a top NASA official said

24 March.Houston, TX, USA
The first off-world flight will be on Mars.(Representational image/Pixabay)

  • On Sunday, Perseverance dropped the debris shield that had protected Ingenuity during landing
  • It will have 30 Martian sols -- equal to 31 Earth days -- to carry out its mission
  • Ingenuity will be attempting to fly in an atmosphere that is 1% the density of Earth's